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Picture the scene. We have it in 4:23-25 see how many times it says all or every.

Jesus went throughout Gallilee teaching in the synagogues preaching the good news of the
kingdom and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all
over Syria and people brought to him all you were ill with various diseases those suffering
severe pain, the demon possessed those having seizures and the paralysed and he healed them.
Large crowds from Gallilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judea and the region across the Jordan
followed him. Now when he saw the crowds he went up on the mountain side and sat down his
disciples came to him and he began to teach them.

Who is Jesus teaching? The disciples? Yes, but look at 7:28. Jesus was speaking to the crowd as
well. But there was a third group. Jesus was teaching the world because Jesus had in mind that
Matthew was right beside him and he was going to come back many years later and write it all
down and the things that Jesus said that day would be read by millions of people and would
become the foundation of a new world order. We are going to be looking at that world order
over five interrupted weeks. I’m calling it The view from the Mountain. This is part 1: a new
view of people.

Abraham Lincoln said all people are created equal. We believe that. but we also recognize that
they don’t stay equal. There are some who seem fortunate and some who seem unfortunate.
Who are the people the world sees as fortunate?
the wealthy the good-looking clever the athletic the popular the confident
There other people who appear to be afflicted, injured, unwell, struck with misfortune, lacking
in confidence, old, having birth defects, there are people who suffered terrible tragedy. Have I
missed anybody??

In an ordinary natural world what would happen to the unfortunate? They would largely be left
to fend for themselves. We might toss them a few coins but we can’t afford to expend resources
on them, which could more profitably be spent on healthy people. This is a world of survival of
the fittest and these people are just not fit. Let them survive as best they can but we can’t afford
to waste valuable resources on them.

It gets worse in this world there are places where every baby who is weak or deformed or
(horror) female will be left to die. That would never happen in Australia would it? Our abortion
law. . . .

One voice is raised against these. It is the voice of Jesus.

Jesus climbs up a mountain and He says,

“I'll tell you who are the privilege people. In the game of life, who are the winners. “

And He looks out and He sees all these people who an hour ago were invalids, in dreadful pain,
having seizures, demon possessed unable to help themselves and He says, Blessed are the poor
in Spirit.

It’s not the super confident, or the natural leaders, but the people who feel they can’t do
anything.. We would say the people who are lacking in self-esteem. But Jesus says good on you
I love you. The kingdom of heaven is for people like you and you are the ones who will get it.
You may not feel like it now but you are the winners.

I’ll tell you who else is privileged the ones who mourn. The ones who grieve, who lament who
are afflicted with suffering who are miserably unhappy because they suffered appalling tragedy.

I’ll tell you someone else who’s privileged the meek. The shy, the frightened, the non-pushy
ones. The ones who get pushed around. What does the world say of them? They will never
amount to anything. They’re non-achievers. But what does Jesus say? You will inherit (not
earn. Not achieve but inherit) it will come to you. What? Everything!

This is radical stuff isn’t it. I want you to understand, Jesus is not saying to be a good Christian
you have to be poor in spirit you have to mourn you have to be weak. Mourning is not a
blessing. It’s an affliction. What Jesus is saying is that if you are in that situation, know that you
are not cursed. You are blessed. Not because of your affliction, but because you have something
else which will outlast and outweigh your affliction.

He’s also saying if you are someone who’s not afflicted, don’t look down on the people who are,
but honour them. Because they are precious children of my father in heaven they are not half
people they are God’s special people.

And over 2000 years where Jesus words have been heeded His servants have put extra energy
and resources into the people who by the world standards missed out The world calls them
underprivileged but Jesus calls them privileged.

In Tamworth there is a school called Bulimbal that caters for children who need extra help. Do
you know what its full name is? It’s called Bulimbal Special School. Isn’t that lovely. Do you
know where they got that from? They got that from someone who inherited a set of values that
he inherited from someone else who listened to the words for Jesus.

As Jesus looked out on the crowds that day he saw people who were harassed and helpless like
sheep without a shepherd an hour ago they had been racked with severe pain Demon possessed

having seizures paralysed. He says to the disciples, “do you want to know who are the
privileged? Who are the people that you should put on a pedestal?” These are. Because they
have something that all the education and fitness classes and wealth will never get them. They
have the kingdom of heaven.

There was a bunch of young mums having coffee after their Bible Study and a chat went round
what do you most aspire to for your children? Answers came like I’d like them to be happily
married I’d like them to do well at school. I’d like them to go to university I’d like them to be
successful. One of the mums a lady who wasn’t particularly gifted was out of the room at the
time. When she came back in, the other mums said to her we’ve been talking about our
aspirations for our children what is it that you want for your kids? And she replied “that’s easy. I
want them to be with me in heaven.”

Therefore anyone who hears these words and does them, is like a wise man who built his house
on the rock and the rains came and the wind blew and beat against that house and it did not fall
because it had its foundations on the rock

Thank God, through history people have heard Jesus’ words and put them into action and they
changed the course of the world and we live on their heritage.

What is Jesus calling us to today? To go out into the world to support the week. No not just to
support them but to honour them. For as you have done it to the least of these you have done it
to me.

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